What is Ecsquisite?

Ecsquisite is a clothing brand and lifestyle revolved around NYC, its music scene and philanthropy. 

What makes us different?

At Ecsquisite, we donate 15% of our income to charity. When you purchase our product, you not only get a limited release tee, but you also get the satisfaction of knowing you helped those in need. 

What is the Ecsquisite lifestyle?

The Ecsquisite lifestyle encompasses individuality, acceptance and giving. We believe in being your own person and our brand is meant for those who want to look good while doing what they love, whatever it may be. We envision our logo as being a connecting force for people who respect individuality and desire to live in a more enjoyable and generous world. 

How does music tie into this?

Consistent with our ideology, we promote all different types of music genres, in the hope of bringing together people with various tastes in music under one name. If you check out our musicians page, you can learn what they are about and discover what the Ecsquisite lifestyle means to them. All musicians we support share in our mission of promoting the Ecsquisite lifestyle. If interested in sponsorship please contact via e-mail.